XML and Related Technologies. by Atul Kahate. Publisher: Pearson India. Release Date: February ISBN: View table of contents. XML & related technologies: Includes index by Atul Kahate. XML & related technologies: Includes index. by Atul Kahate. eBook: Document. English. He is regarded as an authentic cricket statistician. And above all, I find him extremely humane J2P and P2J Ver 1 Basic Electrical Technology - ( Malestrom).

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by Atul Kahate. XML has become the standard for all kinds of integration and deployment of applications, regardless of the technology platform. XML & Related. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the XML and Related Technologies by Atul Kahate at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Atul Kahate Figure Basic difference between HTML and XML It is necessary to understand why HTML is not sufficient the final output media independent (i.e., it can finally be displayed as an HTML page, or as a PDF document, etc.).

Sethi, J.

Compilers: principles, techniques and tools. Pearson Education. Andrew W. Modern Compiler Implementation in Java. Cambridge University Press. Atul Kahate. Harold, W. XML in a Nutshell, Third edition. Elliot Berk.

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XSLT 1. Anaya Multimedia. Introduction to Compiler Development with Java. Apuntes de la asignatura. World Wide Web Consortium.

XML Technology. The course syllabus and the academic weekly planning may change due academic events or other reasons. Your program should roll the dice 36, times.

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Use a one-dimensional array to tally the number of times each possible sum appears. Also determine whether the totals are reasonable e. Create a decorative cursor trail which follows the cursor movement in the window. Design a dynamic dropdown menu in a web page c. Write a program to detect which browser is used by the user to host a web page.

Use sequencer control to create a slideshow of images. Use path control to have the logo of a webpage follow an Oval path around the page. Write a program using SAX to list out the employees who are in the Manager designation. Web site creation with PHP for server side programming for storing current date-time using cookies and for storing page views using sessions.

Web application development using PHP a. Write a test application to check an e-mail address. Verify that the input begins with series of characters, followed by character, another series of characters, a period. Write a program that logs the address information from the web server, using environment variables.

Work on Web application development using advanced features. Design and development of dynamic server-side web pages. To implement Virtualization To implement Task Scheduling algorithms. Apply Map-Reduce concept to applications. To build Private Cloud. Create a Collaborative learning environment for a particular learning topic using Google Apps.

Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Slides must be used for hosting e- books, important articles and presentations respectively. The instructor must use the Google Sheets to convey the timetable for different events and for analyzing the scores for individual assignment submission.

Modeling and simulation Cloud computing environments, including Data Centers, Hosts and Cloudlets and perform VM provisioning using CloudSim: Design a host with two CPU cores, which receives request for hosting two VMs, such that each one requires two cores and plans to host four tasks units. More specifically, tasks t1, t2, t3 and t4 to be hosted in VM1, while t5, t6, t7, and t8 to be hosted in VM2.


Implement space-shared allocation policy and time-shared allocation policy. Compare the results. Model a Cloud computing environment having Data center that had hosts.

Each VM hosts a web-hosting application service, whose CPU utilization 19 distribution was generated according to the uniform distribution. Initially, VMs are to be allocated according to requested parameters 4 VMs on each host. The CloudCoordinator and Sensor perform their usual roles. Via the attached Sensors which are connected with every host , CloudCoordinator must periodically monitor the performance status of active VMs such as load conditions, and processing share.

CloudCoordinator continuously has to adapt allocation of VMs by issuing VM migration commands and changing power states of nodes according to its policy and current utilization of resources.

Consider the provisioning policy for VMs as space-shared, which allows one VM to be active in a host at a given instance of time. The application granularity was modeled to be composed of task units, with each task unit requiring 1,, million instructions 20 minutes in the simulated hosts to be executed on a host.

Minimal data transfer KB overhead can be considered for the task units to and from the data center. After the creation of VMs, task units were submitted in small groups of 50 one for each VM at inter-arrival delay of 10 minutes. Implement Map Reduce concept for a. Computing the average number of citation index a researcher has according to age among some 1 billion journal articles.

Consider a network of entities and relationships between them.

It is required to calculate a state of each entity on the basis of properties of the other entities in its neighborhood. This state can represent a distance to other nodes, indication that there is a neighbor with the certain properties, characteristic of neighborhood density and so on. A network is stored as a set of nodes and each node contains a list of adjacent node IDs.

Mapper emits messages for each node using ID of the adjacent node as a key. Reducer must recompute state and rewrite node with the new state. Implement this scenario. Develop a simple applications and make it available to the intended user Consider a huge storage requirements and store it in the cloud in a transparent manner Install and configure OpenStack Nova-Compute.

Enable a connected user to get a virtual machine of a selected performance such as CPU, Memory Install and configure Stack Image services to query for information on available disk images, and use the Image Service's client library for streaming virtual disk images. Implement Map-Reduce concept. Create virtual machines from available physical resources.

Setup a private cloud. Familiarize with Open Stack. External assessment should be conducted along with web technology lab. To understand the fundamental concepts of Web services.

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To design Web service Architecture. To Study Building Blocks of Web services.

To understand the XML security issues.Work on Web application development using advanced features. Due to the bridge, the two segments act as a part of the single network. However, it can and will offer a substantial help in the B2B world. There are many private or public subnet operators who provide the hardware links and the software consisting of physical, data link and network layers e.

We take a technical look at the XML world, and also see how it is useful in the design of Web-based solutions.