First Year Engineering Drawing by A. C. Parkinson, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. 2. First year engineering drawing. 2. First year engineering drawing. by A C Parkinson. First year engineering drawing. by A C Parkinson. Print book. English . , English, Book, Illustrated edition: General engineering drawing / A.C. For the first year (G1) examination of the general course in engineering; - bk. 2.

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These are simple figures from AC parkinson Book. - files. ME Engineering Graphics • Lecture #: 01 Introduction Lecture By: Tanzila . First Year Engineering Drawing by A C Parkinson • Engineering Graphics by. Curriculum of BE Mechanical - NUST 1. First Year Engineering Drawing by A. C. Parkinson. 2. Geometrical Drawing by N. D. Bhatt. Reference.

Fully Illustrated illustrator.

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It should make approximately a 60o angle with the paper.

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In some cases, like the "W", the ratio is actually greater than 1. Dimension: The numerical value that defines the size, shape, location, geometric characteristic of a feature. Basic dimensions: A numerical value defining the theoretically exact size, location, profile or orientation of a feature.

Visualization 2. Communication 3.

A First Year Engineering Drawing Mechanical Engineering by A C Parkinson

Documentation A drawing is a graphical representation of objects and structures and is done using freehand, mechanical, or computer methods. A drawing serves as a graphic model or representation of a real object or idea.

This computer rendering of a 3-D computer model is more easily understood because more detail is given through the use of color, lights, and shades and shadows. A powerful tool for design engineers is the ability to see in their minds the solution to problems.

Visualization is the ability to mentally picture things that do not exist. Most designers will initially capture their mental images by sketching them on paper.

Sometimes these sketches are very rough and quickly done to capture some fleeting detail in the mind of the designer. When communicating ones sketch to others, the sketches must be refined. The second phase in the graphics produced to support the design process is communication drawings and models. In this phase your goal is to refine your initial sketches so your design solution can be communicated to others without ambiguity.

In other words, you must be able to improve the clarity of your graphics to such an extent that others are able to visualize your design. This is done by adding more detail to your sketches, then creating a 3-D model using CAD software.


After the design solution is finalized, graphics is the most effective way to permanently record that solution. Before 3-D modelling, documentation drawings were 2-D detail drawings that were copied through a process called blueprinting.

These blueprints then were used to produce the design. Two-dimensional documentation drawings follow very strict standard practices so everyone in the engineering field can read the drawings. Sketches, drawings, computer models, and presentation graphics are all linked to the design and production processes. The traditional design process is a sequential process that can be grouped into six major activities, beginning with identification of the problem and ending with documentation of the design.

Technical graphics is used throughout this process to document design solutions.

First Year Engineering Drawing : Covering the First Year Nation Certificate Course in Mech.

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Related titles. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America.Cycloid, epicycloids, involutes, Archimedean spiral. University of Adelaide. To find more books about a first year engineering drawing by a c parkinson, you can use related keywords : Similar Books to a first year engineering drawing by a c parkinson Copyright Disclaimer: All books are the property of their respective owners.

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Development of Solids: Types of solids, polyhedral, solids of revolution, prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, sphere. Login to add to list. Intersection of cylinder and cylinder, cone and cylinder, cone and cone, cone and prism. Print book. Reference dimension: Fourth Edition.