Magento allows you to add images and links to descriptions, pages and What if you want to upload a PDF to have it downloadable by your. app/design/frontend/{Vendor}/{themeName}/Magento_Contact/ Now when you click on this link, you'll download the pdf pdf file. You can easily add PDF files to either content or product descriptions in Magento following the steps below. Log into Magento and navigate to either the product or content you want to add the PDF file to. In these directions, we'll be adding a PDF file to a product.

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As a Magento Admin User I want to upload PDF file to Magento media library and insert the reference (link) to it in the content via WYSIWYG. The easiest way to insert a link is to use the Link button in the editor toolbar. It doesn't require Highlight the text where you want to create the link. Then, in the . You can also display these PDF and other files on product and CMS this link - bilgedumarre.ga

I used your base code and adapted it to my needs. Saturday, March 23, Magento: Let's add a download link for arbitrary files in this case, data sheets in PDF to your products on Magento.

This is relatively easy, so no need to download an extension Create a new Attribute: Attribute Code: Textfield Default: Yes Used in Product Listing: Save the new attribute.

Open a Product from your Catalog and hopefully you'll find the new attribute "Data Sheet".

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Now, create a folder "files" in your Web Server's document root e. Copy your data sheet pdf there: Data Sheet: For example, you are running 2 store views - French and English.

English store view is default and has its own file settings. With the checkbox option you can make French store view items have the same values or you can specify separate values for French store view if necessary. Display icons for product attachments Upload icons for different file types The Magento 2 product file attachment module allows you to upload as many icon images as you need and assign them to each specific file type.

So, customers will see at once which file format they are going to open. See here how engaging UI improves conversion. Use predefined icons If you don't want to upload your own icon images you can use the predefined ones.

The extension offers 8 ready-made icons that can be assigned to necessary attachment files. And, of course, you can change them at any time to customize your store page. Analyze Magento 2 attachment reports Let customers open attachments in browser tab With the autodetect file option customers will be able to open necessary files right in a browser window instead of downloading them.

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Add a file system. This will hold a default value for email template which will be defined in config.

The source model is a model of data that we can use for configuration. The screenshot shows the fields Dckap Accounting created in system.

The default value for the field created through the system. The following code will be able to send the pdf attachments in the email if the path of the PDF file path is defined.

The function sendEmailReport is responsible for sending the email.Create a new Attribute: Show the most important files first thanks to the handy sorting Specify sort order for each file attachment in a special block via drag-and-drop to display the most important documents first.

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