Rogue Wave book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Serafina, Neela, Ling, Ava, Becca, and Astrid, six mermaids from realms. . The ancient evil that destroyed Atlantis is stirring again, and only the six chosen mermaids can defeat it. In Rogue Wave, the second book of the epic Waterfire. Rogue Wave, book two of the WaterFire saga, is filled with heart pounding action, jarring twists and turns, and shocking reveals. Rogue Wave.

Rogue Wave Book

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Serafina, Neela, Ling, Ava, Becca, and Astrid, six mermaids from realms scattered throughout the seas and freshwaters, were summoned by the leader of the. Rogue Wave is the second book of the Waterfire Saga after Deep Blue where the mermaids are separated. Serafina, Neela, Ling, Ava, Becca and Astrid. Book - Rogue Wave by Jennifer Donnelly They face down danger and death, only to endure a game-changing betrayal, as shocking as a rogue wave.

Sera and Ling narrowly escape the Opafago, and they leave the ruins of Atlantis. The girls spend the night in a nearby cave, and then they split up once again. Ling heads home to Qin hoping for advice from her grandmother. Sera stays hidden and finds the Ostrokon conch library.

Sera believes this was when Merrow hid the talismans. When Sera is right outside the Ostrokon, she hears voices of death riders.

She is shocked when she recognizes one of the death riders as Mahdi. Mahdi enters the safe house and finds Serafina. He tells her that he is not loyal to Traho, but he is acting as a spy. Sera figures out Mahdi was Blu and Yazeed was Grigrio , the merman who rescued her from Traho and brought her to Duca Armando who is now dead.

That night, Traho attacks the safe house. Most of the merpeople take a secret passage to the next fortress, but Sera goes back to rescue a mermaid and her small daughter. Sera is pursued by death riders, but she escapes.

She swims as fast as she can to the Ostrokon, and there she finds a place to hide. Sera is discovered by a group of seven merpeople who call themselves the Black Fin resistance. They have been causing Traho quite a lot of trouble. Coco, however, knows he missed some. Sera finds the conchs and listens to every one of them.

She is about to give up, but her last conch has just what she needs. Sera finds out one talisman has been hidden in each of the six mer realms. Sera sends a conch explaining this to Neela, and then starts off for the shipwreck.

Neela escapes from her locked room and heads to the home of a mermaid named Kora, who she hopes can help her.

While on her way to find Kora, Neela comes across a prison camp that Traho has started. Captive merpeople are being forced to search for the talisman. The only way Sera can get the talisman is by freeing the ghost, and the touch of a ghost is hard to survive. Sera is weak after freeing the ghost, and Mahdi rescues her.

To ask other readers questions about Rogue Wave , please sign up. Alina the cover is out! This sounds like a really good book and I can't wait to read the first one, but I have to make sure - is there any profanity or sexual intimacy in this one? I like to have my reads free from "evil": Debbie very good book, second in series, safe to read: See all 16 questions about Rogue Wave….

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 14, Nick rated it really liked it Shelves: You can find the full review and more about this book on my blog! Disney Hyperion Publication Date: January 6, Rating: ARC sent by the publisher As always,I must talk about the cover. You may know that,I am not a big fan of covers with persons,but to be honest this one pulled it out great.

I really like the colors. So great job on that! Rogue Wave is the second book in the Waterfire Saga. It is a fantasy mermaid story. I am not a fan of mermaids,never was,so I am not going to judge the book by my likeness,but in general because for people who like these creatures this book is so worth reading.

I had a problem getting in this book,because I have not read the first one. I checked it on,learned about the plot of the first,but I would have liked this better if I read the first book. Anyway I can't say I didn't enjoy this,it was a fun read. The story follows 2 mermaids,the main character Serafina and Neela her "sidekick" and their journey to discover the enemy.

Also this adventure includes Serafina finding her tailsman,and also her growing relationship with Mahdi. I liked the writing style. Also the characters. Serafina is a great character with all the qualities,but Neela shined for me in this one. I really liker her.

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I like the way she handles things,her depth,the situation,she is a hell of a smart person. I recommend this book to every fantasy reader out there,especially if you like mermaids and if you read the first book. Read the first before this one: View all 23 comments. Actual rating 4. I did not see that coming This review was originally posted at https: Critically Plot — 4 out of 5 stars This book definitely stepped this series up a notch.

I felt much more connected to the story and the world was Actual rating 4. However, after the events of the first book, the characters are more mature and that definitely shows through in the writing style. Characters — 4 out of 5 stars As we continue with the series, other characters get more of a spotlight while we continue with the original POVs. Serafina is a lot stronger and a lot more mature. The events of the first book have definitely shaped her view of the world and what her part is in it.

Neela also has more of a focus in this book and I absolutely loved her character development this far. She was a ditzy, kind of ignorant sort of girl and in this book, she really gets down to it and becomes so fierce. The plot is divided. The six mermaid descendants from the mages who governed were separated at the end of the first book and they are now on the search for the six talismans that are meant to help them defeat the evil that destroyed Atlantis.

In this book, we follow Serafina, Neela and Ling and I have to say that it ws amazing to see more of this underwater world.

One of my favorite things about this series is how expansive this world is and how much history it has, and how that connects to stories and legends that we already know. It has a really creative image and it was built and expanded upon in this book very well. It made for an interesting plot twist in the series and got me really interested in how the rest of the series was going to play out.

I love how that changed her and pushed her to grow and how it helped create an image of all the different cultures within these mimiced underwater worlds.

One relationship in particular shows up and has a huge plot point and to be honest, it felt really rushed and pushed to its limits. Serafina is great in this book. However, Neela is definitely the character that steals the show in this one. For having such a passive personality and being completely terrified in the first book, her growth in this one is unbelievable.

She finds other ways to deal with her anxiety besides stress eating and it just completely blew me away to be honest. The ending was insanity and I think this is my favorite book in the series overall. The plots are not that consistent, going from crazy action packed to sometimes lulling in movement, but they were all in general entertaining.

I really liked the characters and how different they were and how much they grew throughout the series. But my favorite part of this series is how much the subject of girl power and female friendship was represented and made important.

It was really refreshing and entertaining. View all 10 comments. Oct 31, Fafa's Book Corner rated it really liked it.

Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner! Beware spoilers ahead! This book series was recommended to me from my dear GR friend Alyssa! Click on her name to read her review.

After I finished reading Deep Blue I so badly wanted to read the rest of the series!

I was only able to get to it now due to my reading schedule. I am happy to say that I enjoyed this! The book begins with a prologue. In the point of view of the man with fully black eyes. He watches Serafina from a mirror. He could kill her that w Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner! He could kill her that way at least he won't have to worry about her getting in his way. As he watches her he realizes that killing her now would be pointless.

If he kills her later on there's a good chance that she'll have the talisman's. Once he steals the talisman's from her and destroys everything she holds dear, then he'll look into her eyes proving to her that darkness has won.

We are then taken to the first chapter which is in Serafina's point of view. She and the rest of her friends fled into the mirror so that they could escape Traho's army.

While Sera is trying to get a way out of there she runs into Dolim. The man in charge of the mirror realm who eats people's fears.

Rogue Wave, Book Two of the Waterfire Saga

Dolim confront Sera and asks where she is going. She lies and says she's going home. He eventually figures out that she's lying and start feeding of off her fears. Sera feels absolutely helpless as Dolim continues to feed.

When Dolim starts talking again Sera regains her strength. Sera tells Dolim everything she is afraid of until Dolim becomes so fat that he can't move. It is then revealed that Sera plans to go to the capital of Atlantis.

Sera is hoping to find a clue and then she'll make her way home. When she reaches the capital Sera runs into Ling. Ling explains that Ava was worried so she offered to go after Sera. After doing some investigating they decide to ask Lady Thalia some questions. Lady Thalia is one of the mirror people and from her the two find out a bit about Orfeo's past, what some of the talismans are, and a particular person who was working with Orfeo.

Before finding out anymore the creatures guarding the capital come and start to attack the girls. Then Dolim appears with the man with fully black eyes. Sera has no choice but to destroy the mirror. The two of them fight off the monsters and manage to escape. Ling and Sera feel somewhat accomplished with the information they got from Lady Thalia.

They wish each other luck and go their separate ways. I didn't like this book as much as Deep Blue but I enjoyed it nonetheless! You get two point of views in this book. Sera and Neela. Serafina thinks that she can find the location of the talismans through Merror's progress. She doesn't find what she's looking for but with the help of some new friends she is able to pin point the locations. Sera focuses on finding Merrow's talisman whom she is descended from. Along the way she finds out about the Black Fins rebellion.

She also runs into Madhi her fiance. Throughout her journey Sera learns to accept her role as a future queen and becomes an amazing leader. When Neela arrives home her parents think that she is an impostor judging by what she's wearing.

After they realize that she isn't an impostor they welcome her with open arms. But after some time they believe there's something wrong with Neela. She isn't eating her favourite sweets and she still insists on keeping the outfit she came home in. Neela tries to explain her parents the situation with the talisman's. Much to her surprise her parents think that she's crazy. They actually call in a doctor and keep her locked in her room. Sera is able to contact her and tells her about the talisman Neela has to look for.

Neela runs away from home and goes to search for the talisman. Neela gets some help from a friend to retrieve the talisman. Throughout her journey Neela learns to do what she wants and her way.

Ava does come in for one scene. Ling comes in with Serafina and at the end of the book. You are not sure what is happening with Astrid and Becca. Despite this you could feel the friendship between all the girls.

Just like Deep Blue there is some action and lots of twists and turns. Old and new characters come in this book. I didn't expect some of the old characters to be working with Traho let alone that they became main characters.

I loved Sera and Neela's character development! I did not see some of those twists coming. Just like Deep Blue there is barely any romance but when it was present it was adorable! I only had three problems with Rogue Wave. I felt that Deep Blue was much better than Rogue Wave. The book felt really jumpy and once Ling and Sera separate not much happens for awhile. I also felt that it lost some of it's magic because the girls were separated and didn't meet until towards the end.

Nonetheless I enjoyed this! Overall this was a really good book! I recommend this series to anyone looking for a good mermaid series. View all 3 comments. Nov 29, Alyssa rated it really liked it Shelves: ARC sent by the publisher Summary from Goodreads: What I Liked: This was such a quick read, which is fantastic! I had a blast reading this one, because it went by so quickly, and I wasn't bored at all. On the contrary, I was quite engrossed, and read it in one sitting.

That's always a good sign! Also, I didn't have too much trouble getting into the sequel novel. It shouldn't be too hard for readers to remember important events from book one Deep Blue , or to jump into book two after not reading book one for a while. This book focuses on the mermaids finding the talismans of their ancestors, so that they will have the power to defeat an ancient, unknown evil.

In this book, Serafina discovers where her talisman is Neela's concerns and cries for help are ignored by her parents and clan, so she takes matters into her own hands. Ling has problems of her own Like I said, this book goes by quickly. I feel like compared to book one, not much happens in this book, but what happens is really critical and important, Serafina succeeds in finding her talisman, but she also learns the truth about some things, in the process.

For example, she sees Mahdi. In his death riders uniform, with other death riders. Eventually, Serafina and Mahdi clash. Serafina is sure that he is a traitor, but readers know that this is not so.

Serafina finally learns the truth - that Mahdi is acting as a turncoat, but he is trying to stay on the "good side" of the death riders and Portia. This means swimming with the death riders Rightfully so. Nevertheless, I'm really glad that Serafina finds out the truth.

We all knew this was going to happen, so I don't consider this a spoiler. What happens after she finds out would be a spoiler Neela is prominent in this book as well. She returns home, only to be called deranged and crazy, because she has been through a lot.

Nobody believes what she says about the dark evil in the ocean, about Abbadon, about anything. So she goes back out, taking matters into her own hands, and runs into a familiar face In terms of plot, things are moving right along, in both this book, and in the series in general.

Serafina has her talisman, and something huge is revealed at the very end of the book, about the evil that the girls must defeat I must say, I really liked Serafina in this book - and Neela. Both of them show their character growth, wear it proudly. Serafina especially though. She is thinking not only about herself and the other five girls, but about her kingdom.

I approve! I mentioned the romance a bit - well, the romance in this book and series, it seems is between the Principessa Serafina and the Crown Prince Mahdi - I ship them so hard! They were arranged to be married in the beginning of the series, before everything got crazy and everyone went to war or ruins. Mahdi and Serafina love each other and totally belong together It should be interesting. NO love triangle, don't worry about that at all.

Let me repeat that - there is NO love triangle, in neither book one nor book two.

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The romance is solely between two people! Overall, I'm quite pleased with this sequel! I can't wait to read book three - I wonder if this is a trilogy, or not? Goodreads says there will be four books in the series. Either way, I'm excited to read next chapter in Serafina and the other girls' journey.

What I Did Not Like: I'm disappointed that Serafina and Neela are the only two mermaids that we really get to follow - Ling is present, and Ava's voice is around in Serafina's head, through their awesome telecommunication thing , but the other girls aren't really present.

I especially wanted to see more from Astrid, but oh well. On the other hand, it would have gotten confusing, to follow each of the girls. And book one really focused on Serafina. So, pros and cons. Would I Recommend It: If you read book one, Deep Blue, then I would highly recommend you continue with the series.

It only gets better! I'm not the biggest fan of mermaid-related books I've had bad luck in the past with many series , but I really like this series. I would recommend the series to anyone who hasn't started it, as well! No sequel slump for this series! The second book is as amazing as the first book - and check out the covers! They seem to get prettier and prettier, in my opinion.

View all 6 comments. This is such a great sequel, I'm impressed: What in the world just happened?!?!? Like this book has one of the best cliffhangers I have ever read. There were aspects of the book that I guessed and got right and then there were parts where I was like what? What just happened? I mean so big that it gave me goose bumps all over my arms.

All of the things that she faces in this book, omg, it just grabs at my heart and yeah. You just need to read this to find out. Remember in my review for book one saying there are a ton of characters, well getting ready to learn more because you are going to need space in that brain.

May 17, Amy rated it liked it Recommended to Amy by: Minus addicting pop songs and adorakable cameos from Ken. But everything totally fits. The emphasis on girl power. The obsession with disguises and fashion. The dangerous adventures that should feel suspenseful but somehow aren't. The annoying use of words like merl instead of girl every few sentences. Oh yeah, this is totally a Barbie movie. Except a Barbie movie that mostly left me going: I suppose for better or worse, this book picks up where the first book leaves off and chugs ahead with little recapping or prolonged reminders about who characters are.

Unfortunately, this means a continuation of the mer-slang. It is toned down Goggs and TideSide and ostrokon and Idon'tknowwhatanyofitmeans Then there is the really confusing world of mermaids which continually to leaves me Multi-story farmhouses, hot tea, and a mermaid going into labor are just a few of the unanswered features of life underwater.

Add on top of all that a crazy number of characters and places with weird sounding names and I just gave up trying to figure out what was going on and strapped in for the ride. This series is just But despite my confusion, it is fun. It is non-stop danger with dragons and ghost ships and enemy soldiers randomly popping up behind every rock.

Waterfire Saga, Book Two: Rogue Wave

The story focuses on just two of the girls which helped frame the story somewhat. Two girls. Two precious talismans. Two journeys. Alas, even this framing fell apart rather quickly. The girls don't figure out their mission till about halfway through the book which means the first half felt confused and rambling. Then they accomplish their missions with almost laughable ease and leave the last quarter of the book to ramblingly reveal what the reader already learned.

So why three stars? Because gosh darn it, I like Barbie movies and for as much as this book left me wailing whhhhyyyyyy it seriously kept me entertained. Confused, but entertained. View 1 comment. Wow what an ending! I have to start off again by saying the ending was perfect and I totally didn't see that coming. It was like that throughout the book; twists and turns that had me in shock. Things that I should have seen coming but still threw me for a loop once everything happened.

There are betrayals, romance that could make you swoon, and mermaid friends that have each others backs until the end.

What more can you want in a novel???? In Rogue Wave, we are left with Seraphina and Neela, the two protagonist of the story, both looking for the talisman that will help defeat Abbadon. The thing is, they don't know where to start. Let alone begin to look for these talisman without finding answers first. How will they get them before the bad guys get them first? After all, Sera and Neela have to be ten steps ahead of the game, not behind.

In order to do everything the mermaids need to do, they all split up. I have to say that it took me awhile to get used to the writing style when I first read Deep Blue.

But once I caught on to it, I was hooked. In this book it's no different and I loved being able to get the POVs from two mermaids instead of one. The book was non stop action, I seriously had my eyes glued to the pages in anticipation of what would happen next. There is some romance but it takes a backseat to the storyline.

I have to say though, what we did get, was absolutely romantic and beautiful. There are times that I wanted to throw my book against the wall for sure. Particularly during those last few chapters. I mean seriously, WTH!

We are introduced to new characters who I thought were awesome. One thing that I loved so much was being able to see Sera and Neela grow as characters. There's more to them than their fashion choices or the boys they love.

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Donnelly has truly outdone herself in making the girls well rounded and like-able. I don't possibly think I could wait for the next book seeing as how the storyline is getting better and better. Rogue Wave has a beautiful cover and even more beautiful set of characters in a magical underwater world. I look forward to seeing where the story takes us next. Nov 18, Andrea rated it liked it Shelves: Well an improvement over the first book since a lot more happened than just pointless running around.

Hopefully, the other girls will come back in the third book. Jun 15, Grace Gotelaere rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed reading this story. The characters were really well describes and the adventure was never ending. So many new characters and plot events keep appearing and made this book never have a dull moment.

I can not wait to read the rest of the books in this series. Jan 15, Miia rated it really liked it Shelves: This series is getting really good!

Fantastisch gedetailleerde worldbuilding en een soort van moraliteit erachter die ik enorm kan waarderen, ook supervlot geschreven maar ergens toch gewoon een dikke 4 ipv 5. Soit, op naar deel 3!While Sera is trying to get a way out of there she runs into Dolim. Neela escapes from her locked room and heads to the home of a mermaid named Kora, who she hopes can help her. Details if other: Atlantis lies within the Barrens of Thira — home to the bloodthirsty Opafago cannibals.

Deadfall By: It was a real place of real achievement, where lived a people whose brilliance and resourcefulness resounds through the centuries. Also, how can we forget about Neela? WaterFire Saga 1. The six mermaid descendants from the mages who governed were separated at the end of the first book and they are now on the search for the six talismans that are meant to help them defeat the evil that destroyed Atlantis.