Ancient Future by Wayne - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Read Ancient Future PDF - by Wayne B. Chandler Black Classic Books | Chandler explains how applying the Seven Hermetic principles of. This is why Ancient Future (a title lovingly borrowed from Dr. Wayne. Chandler's new book Ancient Future: The Teachings and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven.

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Ancient Future book. Read 14 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Ancient Future celebrates the wisdom of those ancient civilizations. View Notes - pdf from POL at Addis Ababa University. Title: Ancient Future Author: Wayne B. Chandler,Ivan Van Sertima, Publisher: Black. Read Book Ancient Future: The Teachings and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt Full PDF Online. Book Details Author: Wayne Chandler Pages: Binding: Paperback Brand: ISBN.

The elements separated into strata and each brought forth living creatures. The Supreme Being-the Mind-manifested male and female, and they brought forth the Word; and the Word suspended between Light and darkness, was delivered of another Mind called the Workman, the Master- Builder, or the Maker of Things. In this manner it was accomplished, O Hermes: The Word moving like a breath through space called forth the Fire by the friction of its motion.

Therefore, the Fire is called the Son of Striving. The Son of Striving thus formed the Seven Governors, the Spirits of the Planets, whose orbits bounded the world; and the Seven Governors controlled the world by the mysterious power called Destiny.

Then the downward-turned and unreasoning elements brought forth creatures without Reason. Substance could not bestow Reason, for Reason had ascended out of it. The air produced flying things and the waters things that swam. The earth conceived strange four-footed and creeping beasts, dragons, composite demons, and grotesque monsters.

The Supreme Mind loved the Man it had fashioned and delivered to Him the control of the creations. Man, too, willed to make things, and his Father gave permission. The Seven Governors [Planets], of whose powers He partook, rejoiced and each gave the Man a share of its own nature. The Man longed to pierce the circumference of the circles and understand the mystery of Him who sat upon the Eternal Fire. Having already all power, He stooped down and peeped through the seven Harmonies and, breaking through the strength of the circles, made Himself manifest to Nature stretched out below.

The Man, looking into the depths, smiled, for he beheld a shadow upon the earth and a likeness mirrored in the waters, which shadow and likeness were a reflection of Himself.

The Man fell in love with his own shadow and desired to descend into it. Coincident with the desire, that divine or intelligent aspect of Man united itself with the unreasoning image or shape. Nature, beholding the descent, wrapped herself about the Man whom she loved, and the two were mingled.

For this reason Man is a composite. Within him is the Sky Man, immortal and beautiful; without is Nature, mortal and destructible.

Thus suffering is the result of the Immortal Mans falling in love with his shadow and giving up Reality to dwell in the darkness of illusion; for being immortal, man has the power of the Seven Governors-also the Life, the Light, and the Word-; but being mortal, he is controlled by the rings of the Governors-Fate or Destiny.

Of the Immortal man it should be said that He is hermaphrodite, or male and female, and eternally watchful. He neither slumbers nor sleeps, and is governed by a Father also both male and female, and ever watchful. Such is the mystery kept hidden to this day; for Nature, being mingled in marriage with the Sky Man, brought forth a wonder most wonderful - seven men, all bisexual, male and female, and upright of stature, each one exemplifying the natures of the Seven Governors.

These, O Hermes, are the seven races, species, and wheels. After this manner were the seven men generated.

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Earth was the female element and water the male element, and from the fire and ether they received their spirits, and Nature produced bodies after the species and shapes of men. They reproduced themselves out of themselves, for each was male and female.

But at the end of the period the knot of Destiny was untied by the will of God and the bond of all things was loosened. Then all living creatures, including man, which had been hermaphroditical, were separated, the males being set apart by themselves and the females likewise, according to the dictates of Reason. Then God spoke the Holy Word within the soul of all things saying: Increase and multiply in multitudes, all you, my creatures and workmanships.

Let him that is endowed with Mind know himself to be immortal and that the cause of death is the love of the body; and let him learn all things that are, for he who has recognized himself enters into the state of Good. And when God had said this, Providence, with the aid of the Seven Governors and Harmony, brought the sexes together. He, who through the error of attachment loves his body, abides wandering in darkness, sensible and suffering the things of death; but he who realizes that the body is but the tomb of his soul, rises to immortality.

Then Hermes desired to know why men should be deprived of immortality for the sin of ignorance alone. The Great Dragon answered: To the ignorant the body is supreme and they are incapable of realizing the immortality that is within them. Knowing only the body which is subject to death, they believe in death because they worship that substance which is the cause and reality of death.

Hermes bowed his head in thankfulness to the Great Dragon who had taught him so much, and begged to hear more concerning the ultimate of the human soul.

So Poimandres resumed: At death the material body of man is returned to the elements from which it came, and the invisible divine man ascends to the source from whence he came, namely the Eight Spheres. The senses, feelings, desires, and body passions return to their source, namely the Seven Governors, whose natures in the lower man destroy but in the invisible spiritual man give life.

After the lower nature has returned to the brutishness, the higher struggles to regain its spiritual estate. It ascends the Seven Rings upon which sit the Seven Governors and returns to each their lower powers in this manner: Upon the first ring sits the Moon, and to it is returned the ability to increase and diminish. Upon the second ring sits Mercury, and to it are returned machinations, deceit, and craftiness.

Upon the third ring sits Venus, and to it are returned the lusts and passions. Upon the fourth ring sits the Sun, and to this Lord are returned ambitions. Upon the fifth ring sits Mars, and to it are returned rashness and profane boldness.

Upon the sixth ring sits Jupiter, and to it are returned the sense of accumulation and riches. And upon the seventh ring sits Saturn, at the Gate of Chaos, and to it are returned falsehood and evil plotting.

Then being naked of all the accumulations of the Seven Rings, the soul comes to the Eighth Sphere, namely, the ring of the fixed stars. Here, freed of all illusion, it dwells in the Light which only pure spirit may understand. The path to immortality is hard, and only a few find it. The rest await the Great Day when the wheels of the universe shall be stopped and the immortal sparks shall escape from the sheaths of substance.

Woe unto those who wait, for they must return again, unconscious and unknowing. I order you to go forth, to become as a guide to those who wander in darkness, that they may be saved by my Mind in you.

Establish my Mysteries and they shall not fail from this earth. Hermes heard and replied, The sleep of the body is the sober watchfulness of the mind and the shutting of my eyes reveals the true light.

My silence is filled with budding life and hope, and is full of good, for this is the faithful account of what I received from my true mind, that is Poimandres, The Great Dragon, The Lord of The Word, through whom I became inspired with the truth. Theologians will invariably discover that many Hermetic precepts appear in and obviously influenced the Christian Bible, which appeared several centuries later.

Orientalists familiar with the symbolic iconography of China and India will discover the origin of the Dragon in Chinese mythology and culture, not to mention the philosophical profundities inherent in the Yogic, Hindu, Jaina, and Buddhist traditions of South Asia.

The Vision of Hermes, like so many of the Hermetic writings, is an allegorical exposition of great philosophic and mystic truths. The intention here is to unravel, or in the words of the ancients, to lift the Veil of Isis, to expose the practical and fundamental function of the axioms therein. The great Hermetic principles or laws that have been left to us are seven in number.

Seven is not an arbitrary figure, but a powerful and extremely significant symbol of divine or universal cohesiveness that permeates the core of our very existence. The following observations illustrate this point: 1.

There are Seven Cardinal Colors in the solar spectrum violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red from which all other colors are derived. There are Seven Key Notes in the musical scale. There are Seven Continents, as there are Seven Seas. Originally, there were believed to be Seven Planets, called the Seven G overnors by the ancients, also referred to as the Seven Angels in Revelations in the Christian Bible. There are Seven Holes that lead into the human body ears, nostrils, mouth, anus, and vaginal or penile orifices.

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The human brain, heart, eye, and ear are each divided into Seven Parts. The skin has Seven Layers. There are Seven Virtues faith, hope, charity, strength, prudence, temperance, and justice and Seven Deadly Sins pride, avarice, luxury, wrath, idleness, gluttony, envy.

It is not by chance that so many components of human life are connected to expressions of seven. The ancients held that seven was the most spiritually inclined of all the numbers, therefore it is befitting that there are seven Hermetic Axioms. It explains that the All is the substantial reality underlying all the visible manifestations and appearances that we categorize as the material universe: matter, energy, and all that is apparent to our material senses.

This entity, the All, is pure spirit, which is unknowable and undefinable, but is regarded in the most ancient traditions as a universal, infinite, living mind. Human beings, in futile attempts to describe the All, attribute to it characteristics that fall within the realm of what is comfortable and comprehensible.

This is theology: the assigning of human qualities to the Supreme in order to comprehend the incomprehensible. Thus, the All is always depicted as a man God, the Father and is actually given a personality. In reality this axiom explains that the universe is a mental creation of the All; that is to say, the All is everything and everything is the All.

This principle also explains the true nature of energy, power, and matter, and how these are subordinate to the mastery of the mind. The Principle of Correspondence As above, so below; as below, so above. When we perceive our solar system, vast and mystifying, with the Sun at its center and the planets in orbit around the Sun, we may acknowledge the same patterns on a much smaller scale: the atom, with the nucleus at its core, and the protons, electrons, and neutrons, which, like the planets, orbit around the nucleus.

In reality this axiom explains that the universe is a mental creation of the All; that is to say, the All is everything and everything is the All. This principle also explains the true nature of energy, power, and matter, and how these are subordinate to the mastery of the mind. When we perceive our solar system, vast and mystifying, with the Sun at its center and the planets in orbit around the Sun, we may acknowledge the same patterns on a much smaller scale: the atom, with the nucleus at its core, and the protons, electrons, and neutrons, which, like the planets, orbit around the nucleus.

The understanding of this law provides a key to unlocking the enigma of the multidimensional reality in which we exist mentally, materially, and spiritually. Whether this motion is perceivable is irrelevant, for this law affirms that everything vibrates, and that nothing is ever at rest.

Modern science may now attest to this fact, but it should be kept in mind that this fact was known thousands of years ago in ancient Kmt Egypt and India. The higher the vibration, the higher the form or entity that exists within that particular frequency.

Therefore, the vibrational connection between some of the grosser forms of matter, such as a rock, and a human being, is very great.

1574780018.pdf - Title Ancient Future Author Wayne B...

Spirit has the highest vibrational frequency, vibrating at such a phenomenal speed that it seems to be at rest, just as a rapidly moving wheel seems to be motionless.

It is said that those practitioners of the Hermetic teachings who are able to grasp this principle will be able to, with the appropriate formulas, control their own mental vibrations as well as those of others. There are two sides to everything, and every truth may also be false. Humans experience this duality throughout life.

For example, a woman who lives by a particular reality may find that a year later she has matured, grown, and her perspectives have changed, thus invalidating her prior truth or reality. Hermes stated that everything is divided into opposites; however, these opposites are identical in their nature, differing only in their degree. To illustrate, hot and cold are the same thing — temperature.

They simply occupy different places on the temperature scale. The same may be seen with short and tall, light and dark, or large and small, all of which reflect opposite extremes of the same scale. One commonly experienced duality is love and hate.

These are two mental states that reflect opposing degrees of emotion, and often fade into and out of one another to such a degree that they are barely distinguishable. Often, we move from love to hate and back again. Within this principle we can uncover the art of polarization, a kind of mental alchemy that allows people to change their individual psyches, from hate to love, or from evil to good.

From a wide view, this volume will remain an important addition to my library and I am likely to reference it in future writings, but it has certainly lost some of its luster since that first awesome encounter in the Underground Bookstore on 71st Street.

This is understandable for we are always growing from the place where we stood previously and we must be prepared to recognize that growth when it makes itself apparent. Chandler shows how the scientific and spiritual thinking of the ancients can serve as a modern day blueprint for a return of mankind to spiritual consciousness.

Ancient Future is a must read and will change forever the way past civilizations are viewed. Jun 22, Elon-str rated it it was amazing This is a powerful book. I have studied the Kyballion. I had an intuitive probelem with how the 7 principles were illustrated in the Kyballion. The Ancient Future was a blessing in how the principles were illustrated in that the principle of Cause and Effect was last.

Ancient future by black classic press staff and wayne b. chandler (2000,...

This is a must read for at least three times. I will read again in a month. Nov 09, Tommie Eaddy rated it it was amazing After reading this book I felt I had missed a vital part of my educational process. The Principles are laid out in a fashion that allows the reader to fully incorporate each conceptinto their daily thinking pattern. The information it contains is intuitive.Esteemed more for the period in which they were originally written than for their content, the writings of Hermetic Philosophy gave way to the overt mundane skepticism that presently saturates the field of Western academia.

Parthey Berolins ; a German edition by J. Egyptian tradition holds that he imparted this truth first to the old race, the Kushites, who would later be identified by the Greeks as the Ethiopians.

I marked this book with 2 highlighters. The siege ended at the Church of St. Fanatic zeal. It is in ancient Egypt where the six-pointed star resided in full splendor.

1574780018.pdf - Title Ancient Future Author Wayne B...

Leibniz was introduced to the I-Ching. This has been the modus operandi from the outset of Greek civilization to our present period. The mere fact that humans may understand and explore the physical universe disqualifies it as the character of the All.