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The Audio Urantia Book Foreword through Paper Read by Merritt Horn. Foreword [Download All]. Foreword; Deity and Divinity; God; The Urantia Book in free downloadable mp3 format. Audio Edition. Papers 93— Read by Merritt Horn. Paper Machiventa Melchizedek [Download All]. Machiventa Melchizedek; The Machiventa.

Yahweh -- God of the Hebrews Deity Concepts Among the Semites The Semitic Peoples The Matchless Moses The Proclamation of Yahweh The Teachings of Moses Psalms and the Book of Job Paper Evolution of the God Concept Among the Hebrews Samuel First of the Hebrew Prophets Elijah and Elisha Yahweh and Baal Amos and Hosea The First Isaiah Jeremiah the Fearless The Second Isaiah Sacred and Profane History Hebrew History The Hebrew Religion Paper The Melchizedek Teachings in the Occident The Salem Religion Among the Greeks Greek Philosophic Thought The Melchizedek Teachings in Rome The Mystery Cults The Cult of Mithras Mithraism and Christianity The Christian Religion Paper The Social Problems of Religion Religion and Social Reconstruction Weakness of Institutional Religion Religion and the Religionist Transition Difficulties Social Aspects of Religion Institutional Religion Religion's Contribution Paper Religion in Human Experience [Download All] Religion in Human Experience Religious Growth You may delete the original zipped file, if you wish.

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Printer-friendly version Urantia Foundation, W. The Eternal Isle of Paradise The Universe of Universes The Sacred Spheres of Paradise The Central and Divine Universe The Seven Superuniverses The Seven Master Spirits The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups The Supreme Trinity Personalities The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings The Paradise Sons of God The Paradise Creator Sons The Trinitized Sons of God The Solitary Messengers Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit The Messenger Hosts of Space Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses The Universe Power Directors Personalities of the Grand Universe Click on a paper below to open a playlist that points to the audio files and corresponding web pages of the text.

The Corps of the Finality Freely you have received, freely give.

You are free to copy and distribute these files. I hope that The Urantia Book will inspire you on your eternal adventure of the exploration of a universe.

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The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe The First Source and Center 0: EMBED for wordpress. That makes this book more important than the bible or any book written by man for this book was written by Extraterrestrials themselves.

God's Infinite Power 3: The Presence of God 8: