Comprehensively written, this book presents the political theories, concepts, analysis, thoughts and main currents. The book begins with introduction to political. Political Theory (Principles of Political Science) by R C Agarwal Comprehensively written, this book presents the political theories, concepts, analysis. Results 1 - 10 of 10 download rc agarwal Books Online in India. Login to Enjoy the India's Political Theory: Principles Of Political Science · Rc Agarwal. Political.

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Get this from a library! Political theory: Principles of political science. [R C Agarwal]. paper to the concepts, ideas, forms of Government and Political Theories. It seeks to RC Agarwal, Political Theory, New Delhi, S. Chand & Co., the concepts, ideas, forms of Government and Political Theories. It seeks to explain the RC Agarwal, Political Theory, New Delhi, S. Chand & Co. ➢ MP Jain.

In the present time, the focus of Political Science shifts from the study of the state and government to the political system as a whole. The Greeks were mainly concerned with the questions of morality and ethics and tried to define an ideal state. Which two universities contributed significantly towards the growth of Political Science as an academic discipline?

Mention the names of two political thinkers who contributed significantly through their writings and research towards the growth of behavioural revolution in Political Science. After the Second World War and in the early fifties of twentieth century, Political Science was highly influenced by the…………………………… Fill in the blank.

There are many dimensions to his social life such as economic, political, psychological, historical and sociological, etc. However, it is closely related to other social sciences such as History, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Ethics, etc.

In recent times, the study of social sciences has assumed an inter-disciplinary character in the sense that the researchers and students of one specialized social science works in coordination with those of other specialized social sciences. Let us now examine the relationship of Political Science with other social sciences.

Relation to Sociology: Sociology is the science of society. It deals with the origin, development and structure of all forms of human associations in the society. Political Science, on the other hand, mainly deals with one form of human association, namely, the state.

As such, the scope of Political Science is much narrower than that of Sociology. However, although the spheres of the two sciences have been separated, both Political Science and Sociology are complimentary to each other. For instance, the state which is the subject-matter of Political Science is also dealt with by Sociology. It studies the evolution of the state from its very birth and tries to analyze the complex social forces which are responsible for bringing the state organization into existence.

By presenting these facts, Sociology helps Political Science. Similarly, Political Science also helps Sociology by presenting the details about the state and the government. Relation to History: Political Science is closely related to History.

In order to fully understand the origin and development of political institutions, we have to take the help of history. For example, the nature of monarchy in Britain and the functioning of the British Parliament can be appreciated only in the light of a thorough study of the history of Britain. The history of Britain reveals that the English people continually protested and struggled against the despotic monarchy of their own rulers, resulting in the Glorious Revolution of It paved the way for the establishment of a limited monarchy and recognition of the rights of the parliament in Britain.

Thus, we find that the political institutions that exist today in a particular form have their roots in the past.

At the same time, it must be mentioned that History is not merely a record of past events and institutions. The study of History becomes fruitful only when the political significance of various historical events and movements is properly appreciated. Thus, both History and Political Science are complementary and contributory.

As a matter of fact, Economics started its career as Political economy. The Greeks regarded Political economy as the art of providing revenue for the state. The name of the book by Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, was Wealth of Nations. He pointed out that economics is a science to enrich people and the state. Mill discussed political and economic affairs together. According to Karl Marx, it is the economic factor alone which determines the politics of a nation. The forms and functions of a government are considerably influenced by economic forces.

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The concepts of Individualism, Socialism and Communism are primarily based on economic principles. Conversely, the economic activities of a country are largely determined by the existing form of government and its policies. The taxation policy of the government, its export and import policy, its exchange rates and the banking system related policies, etc.

Economic stability accounts for political stability and vice-versa. Modern states are confronted with numerous economic problems, the solution of which cannot be made except through the political action of the state. The modern state is regarded as a welfare state whose main functions are economic. Foundation, Latest Edition.

Agarwal, Political Theory Principles of Pol. In first sem here we have Understanding political theory for which R. C Vermani and R. PDF that you may find useful osuyyyagy. Graphicriver Modern Art Effect Action With the completion of the human genome sequence, attention turned to identifying and annotating its functional DNA elements. As a complement to genetic and comparative genomics approaches, the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements Project was launched to contribute maps of RNA transcripts, transcriptional regulator binding sites, and chromatin states.

Practical Photography - December Jul 30, O. Agarwal R. So, people obeyed the laws willingly and lived peacefully. II, sec.

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These difficulties created a trouble and anarchy. Disorder prevailed elsewhere.

In order to get rid of this situation, people entered into a contract, the state of nature. John Locke deals with the dual contracts-social and governmental Of political.

Political theory : Principles of political science

Social contract leads to the formation of civil society and the governmental contract leads to the formation of the government of a state. The concept of social contract theory is that, in the beginning, man lived in the state of nature. There were no governments and any kind of laws in the state of nature.

There was absence of laws to navigate them. There were hardships and oppressions on the sections of the society.

To overcome these difficulties , they entered into two major agreements- a. As a result of it, a society was formed where people to respect each other and to live in peace and harmony. By the second of subjectionis, people united together and pledged to obey an authority and surrendered the whole or part of their freedom and rights to an authority.

The authority guaranteed everyone protection of life, property and to certain extent liberty.

Social contract however puts the primitive states to the end. Anybody who disobeys is liable to be punished by the society he belongs.

For this purpose, society transforms some of its powers to a selected few, Second Treatise of who forms a government. Such type of Government, Ch. XVIII, government is established through a governmental sec. From the very beginning, co-operation dominated over individualism sharing over raw individual force. Homo sapiens have always been social creatures.

It also explains the reasons from what [Type text] 8 P ag e view, we should obey the government or when we should join a refractory and unworthy stand against the government formed. Much of them think that, in a state of nature, conditions were savage and brutal. Because, then the society would permit the strong ones to dominate the weaker ones, even if domination would turn killing. These type of weird conditions lead ancient people to band together. As a result, they were bound to form simple governments.

S. Chand's Political Theory (Principles of Political Science) For B.S.L by R. C. Agarwal

Defense 2. Education 3. Other benefits.Through using different techniques and methods, the post-behaviouralists have tried to overcome the drawbacks of behaviouralism and make the study of Political Science more relevant to the society. The patriarchal and matriarchal theories about the origin of the state indicate the close relationship between Political Science and Anthropology.

Starters Level One Please enter recipient e-mail address es. Liberty and Equality, State September 1. For example, the nature of monarchy in Britain and the functioning of the British Parliament can be appreciated only in the light of a thorough study of the history of Britain.

Political Parties As we all know, Political Science is concerned with different political activities of human beings. Besides, Political Science is also linked with different other disciplines.