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Translated from Hebrew 13 Abulafia Meir Yisaskhar b. Haim Yissaskhar. Yaakov b. Yehuda Spain, beginning 13th cent.

Yehuda Halevi Toledo,Sp. Haim Safed, mid 16th cent. Tiberias, Son of daughter of Rab.

Yaakov Birav the 1st; Rab. Yehezkel the 1st.

Yosef David 1st Tiberias Sidon,Lbn. Haim b.

25 Sites To Download Free EPUB Ebooks

Yaakov's grandson; Father of Rab. Shlomo Halevi Toledo,Sp. Todros Halevi Toledo,Sp.

Yitshak from Acre E. Shlomo Tetouan,Mor. Yosef Tetouan,Mor. Jerusalem, 17 Tamuz Moved to J'lem. Shlomo Dr. Morocco Tel Aviv, 9 Adar R.

Abraham's grandson; Studied medecine in Constantinople. Yehoshua b. Mlekhet Shlomo ,Amsterdam Adani Yehoshua b.

Got many Turkish decorations. Yeshaya Toscana,It. Y in After father's death became Ch-R. Yaakov Haim Yisrael Aleppo,Syr. Yaakov Baim Yisrael Aleppo,Syr. Shohet of the 'Beit El' Yeshiva.

Very ill. Yehuda Fes,Mor. Jerusalem, 24 Sivan Among Fes Rabbis. Since it has the status of a museum. In the museums fund are collected around 15 articles of the cultural- historical heritage of Provadia and the neighboring settlements. Archaeological finds of Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages, materials from the Ottoman period, the New and the Newest history of the region are preserved.

Provadia-Solnitsata is the earliest prehistoric town in Europe The complex archaeological monument that is Provadia-Solnitsata , a prehistoric settlement , over which and with the part of its cultural layer, many years later is accumulated a large Thracian burial mound. It is located in the Provadia area, Northeastern Bulgaria.

The ongoing researches are led by Vassil Nikolov. The settlement, which had had a cultural layer with a thickness of 6m and a diameter of m, lies on a huge truncated cone of the biggest and actually the only rock-salt field of the Eastern Balkans.

The salt mirror, located at a depth of 9 to 20 m, has been leaking salt springs with maximum concentration of salt. The production of this raw material has begun in the time of the late neolith in the period ca year B.


The production happens through boiling the brine from the springs in thin-walled ceramic vessels, placed in beehive ovens, which are constructed in the buildings inside the settlement. This is the earliest registered case of this salt-producing technology in Europe and so far Provadia-Solnitsata is the most ancient salt-producing center at the old continent.

The life in the settlement continues during the mid-chalcolithic i. In it, the ovens were replaced with huge open-air equipment - 10 meter long pits, in which a new kind ceramic vessels-deep and thick-walled bowls with large capacity are arranged clinging close to one another.

Boiling the brine was made with open fire, burning at the bottom of the pit in the space between the touching orifices of the vessels. Some more important results from the present discoveries may be indicated. For the first time in Europe, remains of a two-storied building from the late neolith, serving as an inhabitancy and also for salt-production, are explored.

25 Sites To Download Free EPUB Ebooks

The floor of the first level is made of pice. Thereon and among the burned down remains of the second floor are discovered whole and broken pieces of the ceramic vessels, and also a huge amount of thin-walled and fragmented vessels for salt- production.

Among the discovered equipment in the building it is of interest a massive domed appurtenance of clay. It was designed for brine boiling but it also served as a domestic oven.Moved to Jerusalem when old.

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Cs a NINO is found, the local authority should compare the information held about the person the Ca form has been allocated to with the details provided by the ca form to see if they match. Moved to Hebron,then to J'lem. A movement ecology paradigm for unifying organismal movement research. Completed PDFs are often blurry or have minor jagged edges. Movement Ecology 1, Moshe Fes,Mor. Site fidelity and association patterns in a deep-water dolphin: rough-toothed dolphins Steno bredanensis in the Hawaiian Archipelago.

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