B D Chaurasia'S. Fourth Edition. Late Dr B D Chaurasia. MBBS, MS, PhD, FAMS. Department of Anatomy. G.R. Medical College. Gwalior, India. Edited by. HANDBOOK OF GENERAL ANATOMY · You May Also Need Inderbir Singh's. Where can I get a PDF download of BD Chaurasia's Anatomy book? And the Handbook of General Anatomy BD Chaurasiya is also available for download.

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This handbook of general anatomy has been written to meet the requirements of students who B D Chaurasia's Handb BD Chaurasia's Regional and. Handbook Of General Anatomy book. Read 14 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 1 skeleton. 2 joints. 3 muscles. 4 cardiovascular syste. B D Chaurasia's Handbook of General Anatomy (4th Ed) - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. great anatomy book.

You can always opt for other books, but in India, even the top colleges follow it.

Here are some of the features of the first volume of this anatomy book: The first and foremost thing about this book is that it is one of the most of the detailed book.

As this single volume out of three is only about upper limb and thorax. Only two units i. This human anatomy book is written by BD Chaurasia, who is a well-known anatomy author for this book as well as general anatomy handbook. There are multiple additions to this human anatomy book which means that this is a frequently updated book. There is best anatomy illustration including dissections that makes it easy for students to learn the gross anatomy.

Suitable for the Students of Medicine This book is very useful and suitable for the students studying in the field of medicine. Human anatomy is one of the most important subjects for students of medical colleges.

Since there is a dearth of high quality books on the subject with an easy to understand language, B. Chaurasiya has compiled this comprehensive book on the matter of human anatomy. The book aims on giving the students a deeper knowledge of the subject in a consolidated manner. Different and Unique Unlike most of the other books in the market that are more like journals and seem a tad difficult to understand, this book is more about explaining the concepts to the students and is completely user-oriented.

Chaurasiya happens to be one of the best authors on human anatomy and in this book, he has given all the little insights that are necessary for the student to understand the human body in an effective manner. In these regards, this book is very unique because it has been authored by a very renowned person in the field. Vast Portion Covered This book covers a vast portion of the upper body anatomy. Vesalius studied first at Louvain and then at Paris under Gunther and Sylvius. Eustachius was the rival of Vesalius.

Seventeenth Century William Harvey was an English physician who discovered the circulation of blood, and published it as Anatomical Exercise on the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals. He also published a book on embryology. The other events of this century included: a the first recorded human dissection in in Massachusetts; b foundation of microscopic anatomy by Malpighi; and c introduction of alcohol as a preservative.

BD Chaurasia S Handbook Of General Anatomy, 4th Edition

William Hunter was a London anatomist and obstetrician. He introduced the present day embalming with the help of Harvey's discovery, and founded with his younger brother John Hunter the famous Hunterian museum. Dissection by medical students was made compulsory in Edinburgh and Maryland Burke and Hare scandal of 16 murders took place in Edinburgh in Warburton Anatomy Act was passed in England under which the unclaimed bodies were made available for dissection.

The ' A c t ' was passed in America Massachusetts in Formalin was used as a fixative in s. X-rays were discovered by Roentgen in Various endoscopes were devised between and The anatomical societies were founded in Germany , Britain and America The noted anatomists of this century include Ashley Cooper ; British surgeon , Cuvier ; French naturalist , Meckel ; German anatomist , and Henry Gray ; the author of Gray's Anatomy.

Twentieth Century The electron microscope was invented in 20th century. It was applied in clinical practice, which made startling changes in the study of normal and diseased conditions.

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These helped in better understanding of the body tissues. Besides plain X-rays, in this century, ultrasonography and echocardiography were discovered. This was the non-invasive safe-procedure. Also computer-axial tomography or CT scan, a non-invasive procedure and magnetic resonance imaging were devised.

These were extremely useful, sensitive means of understanding the dynamics of body structure in health and disease.

Tissue culture was developed which was new and exciting field of research. New advances in cases of infertility were discovered, which gave hopes to some infertile couples. Even treatment 'in-utero' is being practised in some cases. Human genome is being prepared. New research in drugs for many diseases, especially AIDS, is being done very enthusiastically.

There is also a strong possibility of gene therapy. Inderjit Dewan worked chiefly on osteology and anthropology. Choudhry did notable work on carotid body. Chaterjee and Dr. Verma researched on embryology. Dayal did good work in cancer biology. Shamer Singh and his team did pioneering work on teratology.

BD Chaurasia's

Chaturvedi and Dr. Gupta's prominent work was on corrosion cast. Chako, Dr.

Keswani, Dr. Veena Bijlani, Dr. Gopinath, Dr. Keswani and his team established museum of history of medicine. Vaidya was well known for his work on leprosy and HLA. Singh of Rohtak did enlightening studies on histology. He has been author of several books in anatomy. Dutta of West Bengal has authored many books on anatomy. Amongst the medical educationists are Dr. Sita Achaya, Dr. Ved Prakash, Dr.

Basu, Dr. Kaul, Dr. Chandrama Anand, Dr.

BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy – All 3 Volumes PDF Free Download

Indira Bahl, Dr. Rewa Choudhry, Dr. Smita Kakar, Dr.Each long bone has an elongated shaft diaphysis and two expanded ends epiphyses which are smooth and articular. Madhur Gupta, Dr. Latissimus dorsi Nomenclature of Muscles The muscles have been named in a number of ways. Medial border Fig.

Due to the easy language, comprehensive content and excellent presentation, it is widely chosen by medical students in the first year of MBBS. Median atlantoaxial joint 4.

Other editions. Cancellous or spongy. In the compact bone.